robert arnold

b. 1950 London. Screenprinting, photographing, drawing and painting from school onwards. Studied science and then social anthropology.
Spent some time doing anthropological fieldwork in Papua New Guinea. Moved to the Isle of Skye in 1977 and worked for Gaeltec Ltd designing and manufacturing medical electronic measuring systems. Left Gaeltec Feb 2001 to do other things, especially painting. Long term interests have been diving, painting, photography, sailing, microscopy, natural history, travelling, solar imaging, astronomy, birding and Buddhism.

Exhibited work:

Paintings and sculpture. Leigh Gallery Cambridge 1971.
Planet Earth Pictures (formerly Seaphot marine photograph agents). 1985 - 2000 publishing marine animal photographs (diving) and marine plankton photographs (microscopy).
Arcade. Open International Exhibition of Electronic Prints. 1995. (toured England 1995-97)
'Some Pictures'. Portree Library 1998.
'Recent Work'. Prints and paintings on paper. An Tuireann Arts Centre, Portree, Isle of Skye, January 1999.
Camus Lusta Print Workshop, Waternish, Skye, 1999. Open exhibition, Inverness, 1999.
Boath House, Nairn, 1999. 2000.
Group exhibition 'Marks', paintings, video, digital paintings and digital prints. An Tuireann Arts Centre, Portree, Isle of Skye, July 2001.
'Paintings prints drawings'. Portree Library. May 2002.
Maths, web design, solar astronomy, OU study 2003-4
Web sites 2004
Poetry book collaboration with Mark Goodwin, 'Scrap', Oysterbed Press 2004
Cover for biography of Malcolm Arnold, drawing 2002.
Cover for song music, Queen's Temple Press 2005.
Skye Open Exhibition, An Tuireann Arts Centre 1997. 1998. 1999. 2000. 2001. 2002. 2003. 2004.
Sun Mandala in 'Sealladh 3'. An Tuireann Arts Centre 2005.
Solar imaging 2004 - occasionally
'Close up on the Sun' Solar images. Portree library. June 2007.
Images Gallery. Stein, Waternish, Skye 1997-2008.
Three Camuslusta Gallery, Waternish, Skye, 2000-2008.
Microscopy with Caroline Dear for Sphagnum project
Small White Space 2012

Microscopy with Margaret Ferguson for Under the Hill of the Red Fox, Loch Cuithir Diatomite
Astro photos on Solar forums and Deep Sky Object imaging on Flickr 

solar imaging