Rudolf Kohn, Simon Hock, Fini and Prague


Robert and Anne took a short trip to Prague in March 2019.

Using the information that Judith Raz had found in 2001, we had the house number and locality for Fini's birth in 1891. It turns out that for taxation purposes, properties in Prague are numbered without street names and this has stayed the same since Maria Theresa in 1770. So checking an 1892 map and the current street map showed the house 633 is the same on both.
Judith's letter
The genealogist found out about the Kohn brothers marrying the Wolff sisters, from La Chaux-de-Fonds in Switzerland, and moving from their village a few miles outside of Prague to a building very close to the centre.

Fini was born in 1891 in house 633 as was Richard's child Eugenie a year later in 1892.
Henny, Fini's younger sister was born in Vienna in 1892 so Rudolf's family had moved to Vienna by 1892 and setup a similar jewellery business in the centre there.
Richard also moved to Vienna with his family later.

Photo from Ruth (sent by Frans) of
Henny, Judith's grandmother and Fini,
Ester, Frans, Jusser and Anne's grandmother in 1901. 
Fini adn Henny

Photo from Ruth (sent by Frans) of Rudolf Kohn, their father.
Family tree of the Kohn brothers married and living in Prague

Photo from Ruth (sent by Frans) of Mathilde (Rudolf Kohn's widow), Ruth, Cecilie and Fini (L to R), four generations
4 generations

Anders Barany provided us with information about Simon Hock in 2009.
The birth of Helene in 1848 is in house 152 Prague. It seems that Simon Hock may have moved around quite a lot. (488, 178, 428 are also on his records, all around the same side of Old Town Square).
Helene Hock

We also had an image of a Prague Register card for Simon Hock with a number of houses listed including 152.
Register card

After our trip we contacted Anders again and he encouraged us to get in touch with the Prague Archive and they sent us the birth register page and a transcription for Marie Hock born 1853. The house is listed as 739 which is actually nearer to Rudolf Kohn's 1891 address than 152. Simon Hock had many addresses in Prague.

Narodni Archiv

Google 3D map of Prague.

Showing where Simon Hock lived in 1848 and 1853.
He was in commerce and made a well known study of the Jewish Cemetery.
(Ester, Frans, Jusser and Anne's great great grandfather) b.1815 in Prague, father of Marie, b.1853 in Prague, who married Ignaz Barany, b.1840 in Varpalota, Hungary

and where Rudolf Kohn lived
(Judith, Ester, Frans, Jusser and Anne's great grandfather) b.1862 Dobris nr Prague.

All three houses are close to the old centre and the main route to the castle over the Charles Bridge and just south of the Josefov
(old Jewish area) around the Jewish cemetery

Fini's close connections to Prague were on two sides of her family, her father's family Kohn and her husband's (Otto Barany) grandfather, Simon Hock


Map and photos of Rudolf Kohn's house 633, Fini's birthplace, just a short walk from Old Town Square  
(openstreetmap, Anne, google maps)

click to enlarge633
aerial shot
Map and photos of Simon Hock's house 739, Marie's birthplace,
 just a short walk from Old Town Square and near to Rudolf Kohn's house 633.
(openstreetmap, google, google)

739 number
739 map

Map and photos of Simon Hock's house 152, his eldest daughter Helene's birthplace,
also just a short walk from Old Town Square on Karlova, the main route to Charles Bridge and the Castle  

(openstreetmap, Anne, Anne)

Family tree of Simon Hock

Anne and Judith, two of Rudolf Kohn's four great grand daughters, and Keren and Michal two of his five great great grand daughters.
Anne is great great granddaughter of Simon Hock as are Ester and Jusser, and Frans is a great great grandson.

Meeting in Copenhagen in February 2008
Anne Judith Keren Michal